Coolshanagh Family

Exclusive. Rare. Limited. Delicious.

Coolshanagh is a journey.

“Delicious” became a part of its story when barrel sampling after the first two weeks of the 2014 fermentation. Proprietor Skip Stothert said to winemaker Matt Dumayne, “I’m not sure what I should be looking for when tasting two week- old fermenting juice.

Matt quickly smiled replying, “delicious”.

After a quick taste of the early fermentation Skip and Matt both smiled and agreed.

Yes. It is delicious.

Coolshanagh Vineyard is perfectly situated on the north Naramata Bench on the east side of Okanagan Lake. The unique, complex soil is studded with limestone and calcium carbonate. When world-renowned terroir specialist Dr. Pedro Parra climbed out of a chalky pit he’d dug into the Naramata hillside in the middle of the vineyard, he wiped his brow, turned to Skip and said, “This could be the best soil in the Okanagan. Top 15 percent in the world.”

Terroir experts suggest Coolshanagh Vineyard offers some of the best exposure and soil structures for grape growing in the world.

This soil, slope, drainage and sunlight, combined with sustainable farming practices offers the potential to create a wine with stony complexity and bright fruit, evoking the rocky subsoils and cool mesoclimate unique to Naramata.

Coolshanagh currently produces only one small batch of Chardonnay, sourced exclusively from estate fruit. A Pinot Noir is in production for future release.

Current releases:

2014 Chardonnay, “Terrific integration, multiplicity and circulation“-Michael Godel

2013 Chardonnay,  “a killer Chardonnay”– Greg Hays, Café Brio

Sold Out:

2012 Chardonnay, 91 Points, – John Schreiner


Inspired by the land itself, the Coolshanagh Vineyard has planted only Chardonnay with small amounts of Pinot Noir because only focus and intention yield the best wines.



Skip and Judy Stothert relocated to Naramata in 2003 with a dream to start their own vineyard and a vision to plant only those varietals perfectly aligned with the soil profile of their land.



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