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Our Wines

Coolshanagh produces small batch Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, sourced exclusively from estate fruit.

Sourced only from estate fruit, Coolshanagh produces a small batch Chardonnay (~750 cases), and ~75 cases of Pinot Noir. The total projected volume when vineyards mature will be approximately 1200 cases of Chardonnay and 300 cases of Pinot Noir.

Coolshanagh’s wine will always be rare and hard to find. “This is an authentic cult wine because it’s extremely limited, and the quality is very fine,” says renowned wine critic Anthony Gismondi.

Winemaking Philosophy

Wines that echo Burgundy were the initial inspiration, however, the ultimate Coolshanagh wine style that emerges specifically expresses and reflects the terroir of the Okanagan Valley and of the diverse soil of Coolshanagh Vineyard.

Winemaking Program

Coolshanagh’s practice is to maintain a low yield so the grapes will achieve maximum flavour potential on their own. Non-interventionist winemaking is key.

While each vintage offers variation that reflect the growing year, the winemaking sees grapes fermented in whole clusters in French oak to impart elegant structure, with the balance fermented in concrete egg-shaped vessels and left on lees “until it is ready” says winemaker Matt Dumayne. This can mean the wine is in concrete for 11 months or more.

The finished wine style is a distinctive combination of bright, nimble acidity and solid weightiness. The vineyard is unmistakably present in this wine, with its stony complexity and bright fruit evoking the rocky sub soils of the site.

From 2014 vintage Coolshanagh has started production of Pinot Noir, but at less than 100 cases the volume is so small that these wines are sold before they ever make it to market.